Grownup entertainment for
the kid in all of us!
For hundreds of years, people have been mesmerized by magic. At the turn of the 20th century, magicians were the superstars of the performing world, touring the globe and demonstrating their skills for tens of thousands of people. Audiences were awestruck by the unexplained, and mysterious sleight of hand illusions helped make magic one of the most popular forms of entertainment in history. Today's magicians are the legacy, constantly studying and perfecting their artform, showcasing their talents on TV specials, in movies, and at sold out live performances. Modern magic has evolved from top hats and rabbits into a powerful adult entertainment industry that is here to stay.
There are no limits to the way magic can be utilized today. Because it can cross language barriers and have universal appeal, magic can be suitable for virtually any event. A gifted magician can customize a performance to help sell a product, introduce customers to a sales message, keep guests entertained at parties and create an unforgettable experience for all.  
Consider some of the possible
venues where magic could be
the main attraction:
Trade Shows
Product Launches
Grand Openings
Sales Meetings/Presentations
Customer Appreciation Events
Hospitality Suites
Cocktail Parties
Holiday Events
Anniversary Parties
Awards Banquets
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Wedding Receptions


Trade Shows
Boost your trade show traffic like magic! Shawn will give people a reason to remember you and your products, drawing standing room only crowds and making your business the highlight of the day. His combination of marketing, magic and merriment will reach out and grab onlookers so get ready to pass out a record number of business cards! Let your next trade show be a major networking event and enjoy unrivaled success with the help of The Magic Dude, Shawn Preston.  
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Hospitality Suites
Give your guests a taste of magic when your company hosts it’s next Hospitality Suite. Performing close up illusions and amazing feats of mind reading, Shawn will stroll through the crowd, putting everyone at ease and subtly promoting your business with custom props. Your next hospitality suite will be a memorable experience for all your guests when Shawn works his magic! 
Sales Meetings
Want your employees to get the most from your next sales meeting or corporate function? Using comedy, mind reading and sleight of hand, Shawn Preston will inject your meeting with life! There’s no better way to motivate a group than by challenging and entertaining them. Shawn can open or close your meeting with a custom presentation or be the “wake up guy”, grabbing your group’s attention and bringing the meeting back into focus.
Magic is a powerful training tool when combined with sales and marketing strategies and your employees will appreciate the departure from normal meeting routines. You’ll hear words like “astonishing”, “refreshing”, “engaging”, “unbelievable” and “positively mesmerizing”!
With his quick wit and fast paced demonstrations of mind power and illusion, Shawn will make your next company meeting a magical event to remember! 
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For years, Shawn Preston has amazed audiences as a Denver magician providing superior Colorado corporate entertainment. Known for his flawless sleight of hand, Shawn has also gained exposure as a mind reader in Denver. As a magic entertainer in Colorado, Shawn simply cannot be beat!