Boost your trade show traffic like magic!
Shawn will give people a reason to remember you and your products, drawing standing room only crowds and making your business the highlight of the day. His combination of marketing, magic and merriment will reach out and grab onlookers so get ready to pass out a record number of business cards! Let your next trade show be a major networking event and enjoy unrivaled success with the help of The Magic Dude, Shawn Preston.  


Making an Unforgettable Impression
The object of any trade show participant is to be noticed among hundreds of competitors. To make a real impression you need an edge, something to grab the attention of the crowd and keep it. Stopping traffic and attracting crowds is Shawn Preston’s specialty! With a customized marketing presentation full of audience participation, comedy and sleight of hand, Shawn will have attendees flocking to see the excitement and hear about your business. With several different program styles to choose from, Shawn has the perfect solution for your trade show triumph.  
Corner & Aisle Presentations
Any size booth can be a huge success with the right tools. Even if you have minimum square footage, you’ll see maximum potential with Shawn in your corner. As he performs several short but effective live programs each hour, you’ll see a constant flow of prospective clientele with their undivided attention focused on your business. 
Theatre Style Presentations
Larger spaces can obviously accommodate more traffic and a theater style presentation will captivate those larger groups, entertaining them and educating them about your products and services all at once. Shawn’s customized, theater style program is a real crowd pleaser complete with music, lighting, and illusions sure to make your message heard and remembered long after the trade show itself is history. 
Always Customized & Professional
Shawn will familiarize himself with all aspects of your business so his presentations will be educational and professional as well as entertaining, and your company’s success will be his number one priority. Shawn’s performance will be even more effective with customized props You’ll see a substantial return on your investment as qualified leads multiply and your potential client base grows. Make a lasting impression at your next trade show with the magic of Shawn Preston! 
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