What you might see at a Shawn Preston show...
Shawn's natural gift of comic timing will have your audience in stitches with his hilarious, yet clean, brand of humor. His programs are loaded with audience participation, outrageous comedy, and much, much more! Here's an idea of what you may see at one of Shawn Preston's amazing performances...
4 coins travel invisibly from Shawn's hand to the hand of a spectator, under impossible conditions! This is a classic Sleight-Of-Hand masterpiece and one of Shawn's signature effects. Once you see this for yourself, you WILL believe in the impossible.
A normal house key is introduced and signed for identification. Then with the power of his mind, Shawn causes the key to bend right in front of the spectator's very eyes. Then a member of the audience is given the power to bend a key of their own. This is performed close-up...just inches from the watchful eyes of
the audience.
Shawn borrows a coin and openly places it into his pocket. He then removes his wrist watch and simply waves it over his closed hand. Instantly the coin is back in the hand and the watch is back on his wrist! Pure magic in less than 30 seconds!
A spectator is invited to draw a picture or write a word on the back of a business card and fold the card so that nothing is seen. Reading their mind, Shawn is able to duplicate the image or word EXACTLY! Nothing is ever said during this exchange, yet Shawn is able to discern the hidden thought. This is mind-reading at its finest!
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A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Shawn is "blind-folded" with a paper bag while the audience volunteer is lavishly adorned with "protective" gear (this is a sight to behold). The cards are then sprayed into the air as Shawn thrusts a Swiss Army Knife into the cascading cards. The knife impales one card only. You guessed it, the signed selection.
Standing alone on stage, Shawn draws a picture of a bowling ball on a large sketch pad. The pad is then closed and a real bowling ball drops from the pad and hits the stage with a thud! No threads. No mirrors.
No kidding!
A borrowed bill, signed by its owner, vanishes. It then takes a hilarious and magical journey and ends up in — well you'll just have to see for yourself. This is the trick that everyone talks about after the show!
See for yourself...

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